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  • David Pionk

Williams White SH1500-144-108 Hydraulic Press

A new customer that was referred to me. They had asked if I could come take a look at a press that the control was not working and if I could be of service. I was taken back by the size of this mammoth of a hydraulic press standing 40 feet tall and controls that were from the 1970's. I looked through the prints and all the important pages with the relay logic had been water damaged, just my luck. Thankfully, the customer understood that this was not going to be a quick and easy process to bring this giant back to life. When all was said and done, I had replaced the Oil Gear racks (which comprised of multiple comparator and relay cards) and the panel of potentiometers that were used for the set points. The press now runs with a PLC and an HMI to input parameters and display the status of the machine.

The old Oil Gear Racks.

The panel of potentiometers and timers that are now obsoleted by the new control.

The new PLC running the logic for the positioning and controlling the proportional valves for volume and pressure.

The HMI for inputting parameters for the machine.

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